Make money online with your CORE PURPOSE

Forget ‘get rich quick’, instead be happy and liberate yourself!

I don’t cope very well at work, I don’t look forward to feeling underpaid, nor do I like the idea of spending 2 hours in heavy traffic per day.
However instead of moping around and feeling that this is a negative, you can use this dislike of your current situation to motivate yourself to create a better life by learning how to make money online. Your life’s potential for happiness and success was put in your control, it’s just something that has to be realised.

Find happiness living for your core purpose

This site exists to inspire people through my own actions. I work a 7am-3pm day job as an electrician for a large company and while this is a working life that I can tolerate, I definitely don’t look forward to work, my favorite part of my day is my lunch break and the commute home in traffic frustrates me to no end.
To make matters worse I realise that this is the biggest part of my life.
I was raised being told ‘do what makes you happy’, but I was never taught how to do what makes me happy or even how to know what it is that makes me happy? Hence begins my journey to happiness. Learning to find out what makes me happy, what drives me to action and hopefully one day soon inspiring others to liberate themselves and create their own lives!

How to make money online?

Everyday I use the internet I come across a site that promises to earn me $5000 per day, $330 in the first hour, $80,000 per month for next to no work. Maybe if these figures and methods were made a little more believable it’d be something that interested me.
What if instead of promising ridiculous amounts of money, they simply stated that I could earn the same amount of money online that I earn from my daily job, however I could stay at home and do something I enjoy?
Well that’s exactly what I began to do with my life around 4 years ago and was able to free myself from my job, doing something that I actually enjoy.
I began my journey in 2012 working out of my garage. It was a dark, dingy, less than adequate space, however it was the beginning of something bigger than I imagined at the time.
I’m an electrician and it’s not something I particularly enjoy. I don’t mind the work side of things, however I can’t accept having to give up 60hrs+ per week of my time and coming home exhausted to find I can’t enjoy the rest of my afternoon because I have a headache or am too stressed.
If you know this feeling, need to make more money or would like to liberate yourself from your work life, then this website may be of great benefit to you. 

Set yourself up for FINANCIAL FREEDOM

No time?

From realistic and effective time management, to setting up a website to finding how to create saleable products and market them, follow me as I embark on an adventure to create a successful small online venture that will (fingers crossed!) liberate me from the grinding work life (while working more than 60hrs per week in my daily job) and offer inspiration for others!