Why am I doing this?

I’m not happy with my job.
I’m not fullfilled.
I want to be happy.

I can appreciate that I’ve been alot more fortunate than so many others in this world, however after being born in a land of massive opportunity I find myself extremely unfulfilled.

I’m employed by a large company as an electrician and receive a great sense of safety from my job, knowing that I’m going to be getting paid for my services at the end of the week.
As I approach 30 however, I’m beginning to do a bit more self reflection because I’m realising that my model of the world (what I believed it was supposed to be like) isn’t really how it is. I was taught that I should ‘follow my passion’, do something that makes me happy etc etc.
But I’ve just realised that I was never taught how.
For this reason I’ve started this website, to stop, reflect, learn, grow and move forward to make whatever changes necessary to ensure I begin to lead a fulfilling life.
And I want to inspire others in the process. I want to help people and let them know that we don’t have to accept the life we have, that we can take control, that a child’s idea of the world can in fact be created.
I’m on a journey to inspire and to prove that it is possible to create exactly the life I want to live and I’m going to show others just how I’ve done it.

My life as pie